Black Caspian Leather Shoe Landazuri

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A unique shoe that fuses different leathers to create an unmatched tactile experience. The silver leather adds a touch of distinction and modernity, ensuring that your steps shine with elegance. Caspio is more than a shoe, it is an emblematic piece. Its special feature elevates it to a higher status, ensuring that every step is unique and memorable. The Caspian Mirror Silver version takes the experience to another level, reflecting a contemporary style that does not go unnoticed.

Last: Normal
Product Type: Shoe
Color: Black
Model: Caspian
Outer Material: LEATHER
Inner Material: TPR
Sole Material: Round
Cane Height (Cms): 7
Taco Height (Cms): 4
Tip Type: Round
Cue Type: Platform
Occasion: Urban

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