Rauco Blue Barrientos Leather Ankle Boot

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The rauco metallic blue hue adds a unique dimension to these shoes, fusing the elegance of metallic with the richness of blue.
This captivating hue not only ensures comfort but also enhances the modern and sophisticated appeal of the garment. Their vibrant and distinctive color makes them an eye-catching and fashionable choice.

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Last: Normal
Product Type: Booty
Color blue
Brand: Barrientos
Model: Rauco
Outer Material: Leather
Inner Material: Leather
Sole Material: Wood
Cane Height (Cms): 11
Taco Height (Cms): 4
Cane Contour (Cms)): 6
Tip Type: Round
Taco Type: Square Taco
Instep: Closed
Design/Application: National Leather
Fit Type: Closure
Occasion: Casual

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